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Wall Decor for Commercial Spaces…

Posted on: December 2nd, 2012

Spheres of Interest, Fuzzy Lines and the Cherry on Top

I CAME ACROSS a post that Bob Borson put up a while back “Can’t we all just get along?” I found this to be one of the most intriguing and relevant discussions I’ve seen thus far on the subject of the interplay between Architects, Interior Designers and Interior Decorators – and their relationships with each other – which is something I take great interest in. Were it not for great spaces…what impact would that omission have on some of the great photography prints of our time? There’d be no skylines, no epic moments inside a room, no glimpses stolen through a window.


As a supplier of such wall decor to all three professions, I occasionally find myself bouncing around between them – it’s a fuzzy line knowing which one to talk to. More often than not, it seems to depend on the firm itself and how it is organized.


Seldom does the architect have the time to take an interest in wall decor – but when he or she does cross my path, they truly earn my respect for embracing the entire space from start to finish. Hats off for the great job they do.


Sometimes only the Interior Designer wants to see (IMHO) breathtaking images that are amazingly affordable. And they certainly are qualified professionals that make a space come alive.


At other times, the sphere of interest lies exclusively with the Interior Decorator. These professionals do a great job icing the cake.


Put in these terms: If the Architect builds the oven, the Interior Designer bakes the cake and the Interior Decorator ices it. Beautiful wall decor is the cherry on top.


Personally, I enjoy working with all three. The more synergism, the better.


Life inspires creativity. Our only limits are our imaginations…


Lisa Lirones is LDesignerArtist, a supplier of exclusive prints and framed images for the hospitality, healthcare and commercial industries.


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  1. Great post. It gave me a new perspective on decorating commercial spaces. Great job Lisa.

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