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CLIENT BUZZ: “ Wow. I’m impressed. I get great value with incredibly great prices…”

CLIENT BUZZ: “…not only does she provide gorgeous work but over-the-top service.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Seriously. Others brag. LDesignerArtist delivers.

CLIENT BUZZ: “Lisa is one of the most talented and professional designers…in my 25-year career as a publisher and editor.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “The final product was fantastic and delivered on time and on budget.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “The cover she designed was beyond expectations.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Thank you very much for your rapid response and sharing your talent with us.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Not only was Lisa’s work superb, but her presentation, suggestions and follow-through were uncomparable.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “These concepts are fantastic. I want them all.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “…faster than a speeding bullet!”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Courteous and professional job from start to finish.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “You could tell by her communications that she listened.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Her level of experience means she can move quickly through the design process.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “She uses her talent to help create value. In addition, she provides timely quality work.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Lisa is simply the best.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “She takes pride in her work, pays attention to details and has suggestions to improve the ideas.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Lisa was incredibly professional and walked me through every step of logo and site development.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “THANKS A MILLION. One of the most competent people I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with in my life.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “She took the time to ensure I understood everything.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Great! Highly recommended—super fast on impossible (well rushed) deadline. Great graphic work. Thanks!”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Excellent job, great communication and provided finished project speedy fast.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “***** 5 Stars all the way. Lisa did a phenomenal job on this project.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Aside from being a top designer, Lisa is a professional when it comes to designing for the print industry.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Her communication style was the absolute best.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “We also got a lot of extra helpful information that was not required of her.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “I never have to worry about her files going through pre-press.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Lisa is interested in the bigger picture of the project.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “She provided very helpful ideas and suggestions throughout the entire process.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “She always let me know what to expect and when to expect it and delivered on those promises.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Lisa helped us out tremendously. She made sure that we were happy and I appreciate that.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “The final results were great; she was able to take my concept and developed it with wonderful artistry.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “All at a reasonable price. On top of this she delivered before, yes before, the deadline. Lisa is certainly my top pick.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “I am very, very pleased with the result and will happily recommend Lisa to anyone. Thanks Lisa!”

CLIENT BUZZ: “She made any requested changes quickly, and worked hard to make this a very successful project!”

CLIENT BUZZ: “If you are looking for someone that is a cut above the rest, I would strongly suggest LDesignerArtist.”

CLIENT BUZZ: “Appreciate your rewrite and changes, that improved the quality significantly.”

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