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Lisa Lirones appears in Web Designer Magazine

Posted on: November 6th, 2012
Lisa Lirones appears in Web Designer Magazine

IMAGINE MY AMAZEMENT when a perfect stranger drops a line to offer his “congratulations” on my appearance in Web Designer magazine. I’d no idea the article even ran. I was in the Appalachian mountains capturing this autumn’s beauty…but that’s another blog for another time.


“Lisa Lirones is an award-winning designer with an enriching career in graphic design. An LA transplant raised in the Midwest, she currently resides in verdant Bloomington, Indiana overlooking a 10,000 acre lake.


“Throughout her career she has always worked hard to create effective visual communications that are not only beautiful but arresting – always exceeding her client’s expectations. She started her career of over 20 years first in newspaper publishing, then TV, followed by studio/agency experience, a stint in A/V (think retail design for music and film) and after that over 10 years of in-house marketing and publication design. She loves the world she lives in, as the owner of her own studio, where every day is a new adventure of creative possibilities.


“What she loves most about web design is not only the immediacy of the message and the way the web connects us all but how it has influenced the way designers work. New shapes, bolder looks, new details, better writing, new lingo, new software and technology all come together to create great experiences for web designers, their clients and the public they all serve. With collaborative efforts merely a mouse click away, the virtual office is a reality.


“To be able to supply the demand across all her areas of expertise, Lisa has teamed up with fellow web aficionado, Eric Young out of Nashville. Together, they bring the best of both minds to deliver an even broader wealth of inspiration, creativity and imagination to every website they create.”


Life inspires creativity. Our only limits are our imaginations…


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