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  • “ Wow. I’m impressed. I get great value with incredibly great prices…”
  • “ …not only does she provide gorgeous work but over-the-top service.”
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  • “Lisa is one of the most talented and professional designers…in my 25-year career as a publisher and editor.”
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  • “The cover she designed was beyond expectations.”
  • “Thank you very much for your rapid response and sharing your talent with us.”
  • “Not only was Lisa’s work superb, but her presentation, suggestions and follow-through were uncomparable. ”
  • “These concepts are fantastic. I want them all.”
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  • “Courteous and professional job from start to finish.”
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  • “Her level of experience means she can move quickly through the design process.”
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  • “She takes pride in her work, pays attention to details and has suggestions to improve the ideas.”
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  • “We also got a lot of extra helpful information that was not required of her.”
  • “I never have to worry about her files going through pre-press.”
  • “Lisa is interested in the bigger picture of the project.”
  • “She provided very helpful ideas and suggestions throughout the entire process.”
  • “She always let me know what to expect and when to expect it and delivered on those promises.”
  • “Lisa helped us out tremendously. She made sure that we were happy and I appreciate that.”
  • “The final results were great; she was able to take my concept and developed it with wonderful artistry.”
  • “All at a reasonable price. On top of this she delivered before, yes before, the deadline. Lisa is certainly my top pick.”
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Web Design

web design

The 5 essential details that encompass any website:

Frontend Design: any aspect that appears in or relates to the browser: Graphic Design, Interface Design, Information Design & Site Production

Backend Development: programs & scripts that work behind the scenes to make web pages work right (such as forms processing, CMS* and more).

We like Wordpress – the most popular CMS* in use on the Internet. Why? So you can have as little or as much control as you want. (If needed, you can opt for our one-on-one training program upon completion of your site.) We also like Joomla, Zen Cart, OpenCart, HTML5 – whatever fits best with what you want to accomplish.

Great Web Design:
The Devil’s in the Details…

In other words, whatever one does should be done thoroughly. Web Design is no different.

We’ve been featured in Web Designer magazine – and for good reason: We will thoroughly create your website – one with attention to every detail.

At below left you’ll see just what goes into a professionally executed website – so you’ll know what to expect.

Just fill out a questionnaire, provide a few essential files and we do the rest.

And as with anything, you get what you pay for. It’s no different with web design. However, you won’t have to “hock the family silver” to get a site that meets your needs. Rather, get your website at a fair value and with service that is over the top.

We love making your company and its products and services come to life. We are enthused about what we do.

As a matter of fact, if you like the way this website works, you’ll love the one we will do for you.

Contact us today with your needs.
We’ll help you define that special website that’s just right for you.

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