Lisa Lirones:

Designer, Artist,

LISA LIRONES is an accomplished creative professional with a track record of designing award-winning properties.

Choosing her career path came from a burning desire to communicate to the many. And in gaining an understanding of art as the quality of communication, she soon excelled.

Throughout her early years, she had a passion for the arts. At the early age of 12, winning her first illustration contest awarded Lisa her beginning in a long line of excellent formal training programs. Educated at Western Michigan University, she flourished – being one of the few students actually employed in her profession of choice from her freshman year on – and ever since.

Lisa is now a professional designer, artist, illustrator, photographer (and wordsmith, too) for over 20 years. She lives with her husband and cat, Spunky – a lively feline she rescued from an animal shelter.

When not creating beautiful works, she loves swimming and sailing with her husband, visiting art museums while traveling with camera in hand.
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