Prints & Framing

Never Colorless. Always Vibrant. Private collections that teem with life. Beautiful, affordable canvas gallery prints. Ask about a free  consultation. Browse our online brochure.

Graphic Design

Never mundane. Always Relevant. Here you’ll see examples of a broad range of work—from logos and advertising to illustration, photography and more. See online portfolio.

Art & Illustration

Never boring. Always Aesthetic. Over 20 years of know-how providing time-proven imaging sensitive to your needs – from a seasoned professional who consistently hits the mark.

Copywriting & Editing

Never Imprecise. Always Lucid. Clear copy that drives home your unique message. (And we make sure it’s literate as well.) Clean copy and editing that stands out from the rest.

Logos & Branding


Never Hazy. Always Distinct. Your ultimate message. Your personality, your character, your uniqueness. Brilliantly communicated. Instantly. Most importantly: with originality.

Web Design

Never Garish. Always Tasteful. Utterly necessary. Here is where you get what presents your products or services with quality, care and attention to each web design detail.


Inspiration + Imagination = Great Creative Results

Lisa Lirones is LDesignerArtist. Her career in the graphic arts arena has spanned more than 20 years. Whether designing award-winning books, brochures, wall decor, display graphics, packaging and logos – or illustrating (in many genres) and art directing, she works to create effective visual communications that are not only beautiful but arresting – always exceeding her client’s expectations.


Wall Decor: Gallery Prints on Canvas including complimentary design consultation for a perfect combination of interior aesthetics

Graphic Design:

Publications: Book Covers,

Art & Illustration, Interior Design, Typesetting & Editing

Advertising Design, including:

Logo Design & Brand Identity plus Web Design & Graphics, Fliers, Brochures, Billboards, Posters, Copywriting & Editing and Printing Liaison.

Inquiries regarding Wall Decor, Creative Assignments as well as licensing of images for publication are most welcome.

LDesignerArtist | Lisa Lirones